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5. Supported spectrum analyzers

The following lists contain all spectrum analyzers supported by ChipScan-ESA, the appropriate supported interfaces (RS232, GPIB1, Ethernet), the firmware version and additional important notes regarding the specific model. If you do not find your spectrum analyzer in the list please contact our sales team for available options using the following email address

We are making great efforts to develop our drivers and testing them intensively. Due to different available firmwares for specific spectrum analyzer models we can not guarantee to 100 percent that all spectrum analyzers in these lists are working without any errors. Meaning of icons are: driver fully tested, driver in test phase.

Model RS232 GPIB Ethernet Firmware Notes
R3272 no hardcopy
Keysight (former Agilent)
Model RS232 GPIB Ethernet Firmware Notes
E4401B ESA-E series
E4402B ESA-E series
E4403B ESA-L series
E4404B A.07.05 ESA-E series
E4405B ESA-E series
E4407B ESA-E series
E4408B ESA-L series
E4411B ESA-L series
E7401A A.02.00 EMC series
E7402A EMC series
E7403A EMC series
E7404A EMC series
E7405A A.14.04 EMC series
N9000A A.07.06 CXA series
N9010A A.14.06 EXA series
N9020A A.10.52 MXA series
N9030A A.07.04 PXA series
N9320B 0B.03.43 no hardcopy, no preset, no uncal
Model RS232 GPIB Ethernet Firmware Notes
Model RS232 GPIB Ethernet Firmware Notes
DSA815 slow data aquisition
Rohde & Schwarz
Model RS232 GPIB Ethernet Firmware Notes
ESL3 1.83 SP4
ESPI3 no tracking generator yet
ESPI7 4.42 no tracking generator yet
ESR3 no tracking generator yet
ESR7 2.27 SP1 no tracking generator yet
ESR26 no tracking generator yet
ESRP3 no tracking generator yet
ESRP7 2.26 no tracking generator yet
ESU8 4.43 hardcopy via GPIB only, no tracking generator yet
ESU26 hardcopy via GPIB only, no tracking generator yet
ESU40 hardcopy via GPIB only, no tracking generator yet
ETL3 1.73
FPC1000 VXI via USB supported
FSH4 no tracking generator
FSH6 V07.11 several issues
FSH8 V2.50 no tracking generator
FSH13 no tracking generator
FSH20 no tracking generator
FSL3 2.00 SP2
FSL6 1.80 SP1
FSL18 1.80 SP1
FSP7 4.50
FSP13 2.80
FSU3 no tracking generator yet
FSU8 no tracking generator yet
FSU26 4.37 no tracking generator yet
FSU31 no tracking generator yet
FSU32 no tracking generator yet
FSU43 no tracking generator yet
FSU46 no tracking generator yet
FSU50 no tracking generator yet
FSU67 no tracking generator yet
FSUP26 4.37
FSV3 1.50
FSV13 1.50
HMS-X 2.250 RS232 tested with virtual com port (USB), tracking generator untested
RTE1022 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1024 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1032 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1034 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1052 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1054 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1102 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1104 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1152 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1154 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1202 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTE1204 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1002 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1004 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1012 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1014 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1022 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1024 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO1044 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2002 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2004 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2012 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2014 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2022 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2024 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2032 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2034 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2044 FFT on MATH1 channel
RTO2064 FFT on MATH1 channel
Model RS232 GPIB Ethernet Firmware Notes
RSA6106A no hardcopy
RSA6114A FV:2.1.0098 no hardcopy
RSA6120A no hardcopy

ChipScan-ESA Supported Spectrum Analyzers

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